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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to some of the most common questions


  •       What do I need to implement the Local Billboards software?
    • Our Hardware: is compatible with Windows, Android, Chromium, OS and Linux
      • Just connect the X96 Media Adapter to a TV,Plasma, LCD monitors or LED Screen
    • Software: Local BillBoards comes with two components: Content Creation and Playlist Scheduler
      • Manage or create new content: You can upload existing content or create new content using our new design templates
      • Our Playlist Scheduler: Allows you to manage content from your phone with ease. just click to turn on and off active content
  •       What makes Local Billboards software different from others?
    • Yes, Local BillBoards is scalable, robust and stable. We also offer Digital Signage that's an asset to your company not a monthly liabilty

      • Our platform allows you to sell sponsorship spots to your clients or partners
      • Enable advertising in your account and get paid if outside ads run in your playlist.
  •       Is training necessary for you and your employees to use the software?
      • We've made the functionality of Local BillBoards and its operation simple. We guarantee a short learning curve, so long training sessions aren't necessary.
      • For new users, all that’s needed is to watch a few short videos or explore the help Icons next to each option to learn how to use the software quickly and easily
  •       What file formats does Local BillBoards accept?
    • Local BillBoards accepts MPEG, MPG, AVI, WMV, FLV, MP4, SWF, JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF, MOV, and MP4, H264 formats.
  •       Do I need a computer for each TV or Screen?
    • Not necessarily. You could use a computer for each TV, or use the X96 Media adapter instead of your computer connected to a TV or screen.
  •       What kind of cable is used to connect the computer and TV or LCD screen?
    • The cable used, is a normal HDMI cable or VGA cable from computer to TV.
  •       Who is responsible for production and management of your content?
    • Clients have complete freedom to make these choices. We have qualified staff trained to help you develop and manage your content, but it can also be managed by a third party.
  •       Do you provide all the necessary equipment?
    • No, you need obtain your own TV or LCD Screen. If you choose one of our specials (Starter special or Menu upgrade special), they include hardware (media adapter) and software.
  •       What is the Maximum file size that can be uploaded?
    • Images maximum size is 5MB and maximum Video upload is 50MB
  •       What is the minimum resoultion that can be uploaded?
    • 1024 pixel wide and 768 pixel height
  •       Can you use Local BillBoards outside the country?
    • Yes, you just need an internet connection you can connect to the service from anywhere in the world. Our service uses the infrastructure of the internet to connect.
  •       Does your software work with HD files?
    • Yes, The system can show videos in HD or FULL HD, depending on your needs and the size of the screen.
  •       How do I turn off the screensaver?
    • 1. Find and highlight the option under [HOME] > [Settings] > [About] > [Build]
      2. Press the [OK] button on your remote control 7 consecutive times to activate the Developer Mode
      3. Find and enable the option under [HOME] > [Settings] > [Developer options] > [Stay awake]
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  •       What technology was used for development?
    • The language used is PHP and the database is MySQL..
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