5 reasons to activate Local BillBoards software:

  • Stable and scalable solution - Our SLA guarantees 99% availability of the Software Manager and the media adapter will never stop running, even if there is a break in your internet access.
  • Dynamic design templates - makes it easy to create stunning content, no mouse needed
  • Better Cost Benefits - Start your signage network within 3 minutes, without any activation fees. Licenses prices start from $9.99 per month.
  • Operating on Auto-pilot - All the resources that you will need to create, manage, distribute and analyze your TV Signage Network
  • Exceptional Support - We have a team of motivated professionals that are committed to offering quality care to assist in the success of your business.
Local Billboards Digital Signage
Local BillBoards is software for managing Digital Signage. It's versatile, lightweight and stable. We offer some of the most advanced features for Digital Signage Services and we provide support for number of media formats. Our templates allow you to easily capture the most of your target audience. Try our software for free for 14 days.

Create stunning, delightful customer content, fast and with no cost

  • Library of Dynamic Design Templates, ready for use.
  • Sales instrument for digital signage campaigns
  • Friendly interface that allows you to create beautiful content in minutes
  • Create, update and change your content wth no mouse needed

Play your content on various screen types, stable and reliably

  • Multiple Platforms - Setup the Local Billboards media player, with a few clicks on the following platforms: Android, Chrome OS, Windows, and Linux
  • Sales instrument for digital signage campaigns
  • Online & offline - player never stops, runs even if there is an internet outage.

Where to use

Health Care

Reduce patients perceived wait time by showing health prevention, medical facilities and other important information.

Resturants & Bars

Increase your sales by upsells of value added products. Reduce inventory losses by promoting extra stock. Engage and improve communication with your customers.

LED Displays

Our complete solution, allows brightness control and scheduled on-off integrated with our X96 Media Adapter.

Financial Banks

Reduce perceived wait time by showing services, safety tips, and other information while customers are waiting in line.


Engage and communication with riders by showing traffic information, weather, and news. Sell advertising and sponsorshp spots.


Reduce perceived wait time by showing Flight issues, traffic information, weather and news. Sell advertising and sponsorshp spots.


Increase your sales by strategically promoting products, based on stock and inventory supplies.


Engage and communicate with your students, Promote school events, lectures, students’ projects, internship opportunities and school partnerships.


Annouce important information in real time and enhance the communication between the mall and customers. Advertise or promote all the stores in the mall.

What is Digital Singage
According to the standard terminology of the Digital signage group POPAI (Point of Purchase Advertising International), digital signage is a network of centrally managed digital displays, programmable to display segmented information, entertainment, merchandising and advertisements.

Digital Signage can therefore be used to display content, including videos and images, in addition to news captured dynamically from feeds (RSS)

Digital Signage Starter Kit

The Starter Kit is a time saving, all inclusive software and hardware solutions that allows you to turn that old lobby TV into a Digital Sign in minutes. The "X96 (4k) Adapter" bridges new technologies with that old TV and allows you to manage your content on your digital sign, All for the low price of $149.00

  • 1 X96 (4k) Media Adapter
  • 1 Year Subscription (Bronze)
  • Auto Updates
  • Remote Management and Remote Access
  • Easy Self-Install
  • No Traning, No Technical No Design skills needed
  • All for $149.00

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